• Name: Zeno Kalininsky
  • Sex: Male
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • Age: 12
  • Appearance: Albino. Noticeably pale with thin, snow-colored hair. Pink eyes. Facial structure, but he looks quite a bit younger because he is 12.
  • Year: First
  • Wand Make: Pine wood with a unicorn hair core.
  • Personality: Introverted and easily frightened. Somewhat clingy to his friends. Very curious and asks many questions. Speaks with a Russian accent. Vegetarian, but still will drink milk and eat eggs.
  • Backstory: Technically, he belongs to the Russian nobility. His mother is Vladimir Putin's nephew's daughter. She met Zeno's father when he was on a trip 'round the world, and visiting Russia. He took her last name when they got married due to her request. When he was born unto her, a muggle, and his father, a pure-blood, his mother and father went away in hiding to a remote town in northeast Russia due to shame. He was raised being told the truth about everything, and when he became of age and his magic started coming in, he was sent to his father's old school in Hogwarts. He rode in a plane for many days before landing with his parents in Europe, who then visited Diagon Alley with him to pick him up a wand. He brought along on the flight his white fox kit (named Kit), managing to bribe the plane owners.
  • Now: He had rode in a rented car to Hogwarts with his parents. A rather inefficient way to travel, given the train, but it didn't exactly run during the middle of the year. He stumbled in the front door, not entirely sure what to do. He was wearing a dark grey hoodie and light grey jeans.

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