Keelan Luxe
Username /u/2Bor_not2B
Age 34
Gender Female
House Gryffindor
Occupation Care of Magical Creatures, Head of Gryffindor
Wand type Acacia wood, 13 3/4 inch length with Unicorn core, quite flexible
Blood type Muggleborn


Height: 5'7

Eyes: Hazel 

Hair: Blonde 


She's quite the loose canon, but very passionate about her work. She doesn't take anything very seriously and considers rules to be only guidelines that a person can choose to follow. Though not a squib, she rarely uses magic unless it's absolutely necessary. Try not to get hurt around her because she'll probably reply with a simple, "you'll be fine," no matter what the injury. 


Keelan was born in Wicklow, Ireland to two muggle parents. She attended Hogwarts as a Gryffindor then went on to pursue her career with magical creatures. This brought her to Romania where she spent a few years working with the dragons there until she was offered a job at Hogwarts as Care of Magical Creatures professor. Though she enjoyed her time as teacher she felt that a sense of adventure was missing from her life, so she resigned. After a few years away, she received a letter from Professor Higgs asking her to come back and once again teach the class. Packing up her things, she made her way to Hogwats accompanied by Ashe and Snow. 

The Price of a Dream - Keelan's last day at the Romanian Dragon Sanctuary. 



  • Noah Fox - dating


  • Sawyer Peterson (deceased) - previously engaged.


  • Ashe (black) and Snow (white) are brother and sister and offsprings of two werewolves.