Poesy Mayflower
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Username /u/PoesyMayflower
Age 17 (May 17)
Gender Female
House Gryffindor
Occupation Student
Wand type 9 inches, Willow, Unicorn Hair core, quite swishy.
Blood type Muggle Born


Extremely short, only hitting five foot, she makes up with it in personality. Long red hair, and grey eyes, Poesy has been described by her fiancé, as the perfect pretty little posy. 


Energetic does not begin to describe her personality. Befriending and loving everyone, Poesy refuses to learn the meaning of enemy, and only subscribes to the philosophy that friendship is magic. Only a select few have ever fallen in her bad graces...and god have mercy on their souls.


Poesy had a happy childhood, raised by her loving parents, but was a frequent victim of bullying. Being muggle born her acceptance letter to Hogwarts, was one of the biggest and happiest surprises of her life. Finding that children at Hogwarts where equally cruel, Poesy quickly became the target of Owen McIntyre's gang of bullies. Becoming shy, and withdrawn, Poesy's only friends where the house elves and Cary Munt, until finding courage, she began standing up for herself, and blossoming in the happy, adventurous Poesy we all know and love.

Meeting Ezra at the beginning of her seventh year...By having a quick, and kinky, shag in the Room of Requirements (to find out the first name of the perverted ghost McKyer.) it was love at first, shag. Though, Ezra was not as quick to the uptake. After some questionable, but innocent encounters at a Hump-Day party, Ezra and Poesy began dating exclusively. 

Shortly after Ezra proposed at the Wintertime Carnival Poesy found herself with child. Ezra, at first shocked, soon became as enthusiastic about the pregnancy as Poesy. 

Intro Post

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Romantic Edit

Ezra Connelly (Fience)




Lilah Mayflower (Mother)

Ethan Mayflower (Father)

Kurt Starscream Connelly (Son, in utero)