Fiorenza Bianchi
Fiorenza bianchi
Username /u/Fiorenza_Bianchi
Age 17
Gender Female
House Gryffindor
Occupation Student
Wand type 10 1/2 inch Pear wood, Veela hair core, 'Pliable'
Blood type Half-witch, half-Veela


Fiorenza, endearingly nicknamed 'Fia' or 'Fiora' by friends and family, could only be described as a rare beauty. Of course, being part-Veela, it is of no surpise that her features are so remarkably feminine. Her eyes are a shade of sky blue, her skin pale, and her hair a dark chestnut brown.


She treats others with kindness (perhaps too much kindness when it comes to boys), but you know that she knows she's not an ordinary witch and you can tell that she has a slight air of haughtiness about her. Her attitude towards younger years is the same as any, though she sees anyone under 12 to be "cute and adorable" and will, most assuredly, pinch their cheeks and baby them.


To be written... ;)


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