Personality Edit

Denuit is often seen as cold and harsh by her students. She is quick to hand out punishments to any student that she catches misbehaving. She can be quite snarky, and sometimes almost cruel. To those that know her well, however, she will sometimes show a softer side.

Background: Edit

Born in France to Olivier and Marie Denuit, Camille grew up an only child. She elected to attend Hogwarts instead of Beauxbatons at the urging of her parents. She was sorted into Slytherin house and quickly gained a reputation for having a hand in nearly every piece of mischief at the school, though she was never caught or disciplined. She was an excellent student in all subjects, but particularly favored Defense Against the Dark Arts and Transfiguration.

After graduation she started Auror training, hoping to put her love of Defense Against the Dark Arts to good use. She quickly discovered that she was only passionate about the Dark Arts aspect of the job and dropped out of training. For some years after, she studied under the tutelage of the Professor Higgs, who was the instructor of Dark Arts at Durmstrang. Upon finishing her studies, she travelled the world researching various aspect of the Dark Arts, visiting some of the most remote and forbidden corners of the Earth to do so. What exactly she did during her journeys she keeps under tight wraps, though it is rumored that she spent a large portion of her time with Dark creatures and trying her hand at inventing new Dark spells. When Higgs moved to Hogwarts, she replaced her as the Dark Arts teacher and continued teaching at Durmstrang for some years until she was offered the same job at Hogwarts. She taught at Hogwarts for a year, but took a sabatical for the summer and the beginning of the school year to continue her research on Dark artifacts and creatures. She is now writing a book about her findings as well as teaching Dark Arts at Hogwarts.