Alice Lovelace
Username /u/Alice_Lovelace
Age 16 (April 21)
Gender Female
House Ravenclaw
Occupation Student
Wand type 10 inches, Vine, Veela Hair core, unyielding, has lace like carvings in the handle.
Blood type Pureblood


Rather tall and of a thin hour glass figure, Alice is nothing extraordinary. Her hair being a dark strawberry blond, and her eyes a light blue, she blends into the students at Hogwarts.


Quiet, and slightly shy, Alice tends to keep to herself, but strives to never be rude. If approached, she will usually respond positively, and engage in pleasant conversation. However, she does have a sharp temper, if pushed enough. 

Alice is currently recovering from sever PTSD induced from previous attacks on the school, and the death of many of her friends. This manifests in rather odd behavior when under duress, the most noticeable manifestation being the flipping of her locket.

Alice is exceptionally bright and a talented witch, but has recently found herself lacking motivation, due to panic attacks induced by stress. 


Raised by her well off socialite grandmother, Alice was brought up to be a well accomplished lady; she can sing, dance, play several instruments, speaks several languages, and started her studies well before attending Hogwarts. 

Her grandmother living in France, Alice first attended Beauxbatons Academy of Magic until the death of her grandmother at the end of her second year. Returning to her family’s estate in London, she received private tutoring as she immersed herself in the muggle world. Deciding that for her fifth year she would return to school, this time attending Hogwarts. 

Upon arriving at Hogwarts, Alice immediately began research on her parents (who were alumni of the school) finding that her parents had never married, and her father passed of a cancer shortly after her birth, Alice finally knew why her grandmother never spoke of her parents. Such a story would be considered scandalous and unmentionable in her social circle. Discovering that her mother had passed shortly before her arrival at Hogwarts, Alice had to accept that the only family she had left, was at Hogwarts. 

That was, until the attacks on Hogwarts. Resulting in the deaths of several of her closest friends. Falling into a deep depression, Alice tried to cope with the trauma that she had endured, but found it too much to bear. Suffering from a breakdown, she was admitted to St. Mungo's and was released after a month’s stay. Suffering from memory loss of the events, she has slowly began piecing her life back together, with the continued support of her boyfriend Elijah, and close friends, Poesy, and Ezra. 

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Romantic Edit

Elijah Grimes (Boyfriend)

Noah Fox (Ex-boyfriend)


Poesy Mayflower

Ezra Connelly 

Sebastien Clemenceau

Aldritch Corbon 


Ada Lovelace (Paternal Grandmother, deceased

Bertram Lovelace (Paternal Grandfather, deceased)

Sarah McGinty (Mother, deceased)

Malcolm Lovelace (Father, deceased)